Why to become an Atomy Member?

Connecting homes, one at a time & forever

Diamond Master Tai Yi talks about Atomy Marketing Plan and Company’s Vision

Membership is required to purchase Atomy products, which are marketed through our website. Membership is completely free and there are no hidden costs or purchase obligations.
However, if you wish to become and maintain your status as a distributor or consumer, you are required to purchase at least one product per year, no matter how low its price is. Think of Atomy as an online mall or a wholesale membership club like Costco but free, except that it offers you the opportunity to earn commissions through referral, if that interests you.

If you have had the opportunity to try the products, you know that there is no doubt about their quality, effectiveness and reasonable price. Please note that membership may be canceled at any time upon request to the official branch of the country through which you registered.

1. There is no cost or risk to join Atomy

From a business standpoint, all the locks have been removed. There is no upfront investment, no monthly website fees, no annual renewal fees and no forced monthly purchases to qualify for bonuses. Imagine connecting a person who will shop only when they need to, just as they would at their favorite supermarket. Our philosophy is the same one that traditional commerce has historically embraced: When you shop out of desire and without obligation, we build a life time business. And if there is any doubt about the success of shopping out of necessity rather than obligation, ask the owners of Walmart, Publix or Amazon if they have been successful because they have implemented it.

See for yourself:

  • Free to Join
  • No Registration Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Website Usage Fees
  • You do not have to purchase products to join
  • You do not have to purchase products every month
  • No automatic reordering; No “auto-ship”
  • No minimum order quantities 
  • You do not need to sell products
  • One member ID is valid across the world
  • To qualify for commissions for the year you only have to accumulate 10k Personal PV which is about $30 in products.
  • The opportunity to make a good residual income over time.

Only 2 requirements:

  • Must be 18 or older to join
  • You only need to buy 1 item by next year to keep your membership active (This could even be a pack of 4 bee propolis tubes of toothpaste for just $5.30.)

2. The Right Trend: The Internet and Online Retailing

Taking advantage of the trend and power of the Internet, Atomy provides us with an online marketplace that competes with supermarkets, department and discount stores, where we only buy when we need and what we need. In our store, we carry household necessities such as bath soap, toothpaste, laundry and dishwashing liquids and even skin care creams – the company offers more than 400 household products! Each Atomy product also has a scientific validation behind it, which results in proven benefits for the human organism.

3. Atomy’s Vision and Objective:
Global Distribution Hub for Consumer Products

Atomy’s vision and goal is powerful: to connect all manufacturers and consumers worldwide through its interactive platform, which would make it the global distribution hub for consumer products.
How is Atomy achieving that connection? Through its GSGS strategy, the company acquires the best products in terms of quality and price from each country where it operates and, under the Atomy brand, markets them through its distribution channel. This benefits the manufacturers and consumers involved in the following ways. For manufacturers, Atomy facilitates the establishment of new markets around the world that otherwise would not be available to them. And to its consumers, it offers the world’s best products at the lowest possible price and a free lifetime membership to purchase them. So how many manufacturers would want to ensure the sale of their products in a global marketplace? All of them, right? Well, how many consumers in the world would like to buy the best consumer products at the lowest price? You already know the answer, everyone does too! That’s why Atomy’s business grows the way a real business should grow: organically and naturally, and if you put your mind to it, success as a consumer and promoter of the company is assured.

4. Atomy’s Binary Structure

Its compensation structure is a two-sided binary at infinity, but with a particular characteristic. Once we sign up and acquire our personal membership code, we can only enroll 2 people under that code. The third person, perforce, we must register directly with one of those 2 persons, which becomes personal to the person to whom it is assigned. However, from a business point of view, if for example we register a person at level 500 in depth and that person makes a purchase, we receive 100% of the points volume of that purchase. Did you hear that right? We do not receive a percentage of the purchase, but 100% of that purchase.

5. Personal Points Volume (PV) | Compensation Plan

Every purchase made at the Atomy online store generates Value Points (PV) associated with each product purchased. The personal points generated through our purchases are never erased, that is, they accumulate over time. This means that every time we make purchases for our home using our membership code, new points are generated and accumulated under that code. At Atomy, the sum of these personal points indefinitely increases the value of our position, and at the same time, this increased value will allow us to generate more income from our organization as indicated in our compensation plan. As each member who joins our team enjoys the same privilege of indefinite accumulation of personal points, we will build a solid and enduring organization that we can count on for a lifetime. In short, we all add value at Atomy through each purchase, and what value is accumulated, is not abandoned.

6. Group Points Volume (PV) | Compensation Plan

Group points, those generated as a result of purchases made in our team, are accumulated on one side until the other side levels up that score. And when this happens, the bonus payment is generated. The amount of this bonus depends on the accumulated personal score, so the more personal points we accumulate through our purchases, the more money we generate from our binary structure. This offers peace of mind to those who, like me, have decided to develop the Atomy opportunity as a life project.

7. Scope of Masterships or Rank Positions | Compensation Plan

With the first master position: Sales Master, you are entitled to 10% of the company’s shared sales globally, which pays $2,000 to $4,000 every month. Master positions are never lost, even if you run out of equipment. After reaching that first position, the motivation is doubled to continue climbing towards the last one: Imperial Master.

8. Worldwide Market

Atomy headquarter is in South Korea with branches in USA, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Colombia, China, India, Hong Kong and New Zeland. With new countries opening up each year. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can refer anyone in any of the opened countries and place them in your group under you.

9. From Consumer to Opportunity

Most people join Atomy because they heard about how good the products are from a friend or family member. Then after trying it they actually see and experience the results themselves and refer their friends and family members. Over time they find what they are personally buying is being paid for with the commissions they earn. Then a few people can become thousands in their group all potentially earning them a good residual income. To think this all started out from just trying a few inexpensive products like toothbrush, toothpaste and body wash that people normally buy at a local store.